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One of my friends who works at a book store is reading 50 Shades of Grey because people keep asking her about it. She and another of our friends came over today and we were reading parts aloud, laughing, and tying it back to Twilight, and now I have a question that somehow came up in the course of our conversation.

Has anyone written a fic where Edward was dying of syphilis and the reason he really didn't want to have sex with Bella is because even though he's a vampire now, he's still a carrier? And the syphilis is the reason Bella's pregnancy was so fucked up?

Does that exist? Because I would read that.
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O hai! I have family in town and work has been ridic, which is why I've been fairly MIA the last few days, but can I just take a moment to tell you all that I REALLY WANT TO BOOP JEREMY RENNER'S NOSE? Seriously, I spent half the time he was on screen staring at his arms and the other half just quietly thinking, 'Omg. Omg, it's so boopable. Come to me, my lovely. Come to me and let me boop you.'

I would boop the shit out of that nose, guys. (You know, in a completely non-violent way.)

In other news, I'm about 2k into the Cupid!Clint fic and it shows no sign of slowing down. WHAT FRESH HELL IS THIS?! Darcy/Bruce continues to rule my heart and the next part of Things That Shine should be posted soon. Tomorrow or the next day there will be pictures of honey cupcakes with fondant bees on them that I made.


That is all.
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Somebody save me from myself! I can't get off the Texts From Last Night site to save my life!

Also, I love my job to pieces, but expect a post from me in the near future detailing why supporting local business is important, but you should probably try not to work in it if you can help it. (Unless it's super established. Newer locally run/owned businesses can be a bitch, though.)
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I am full of grumbles tonight for various reasons. I needs me some happy. Working simultaneously on my CM big bang fic (YAY for Derek Morgan with a baby!) and the French Girls fic I still owe [ profile] roachstar. (I'm sorry, Jen! I understand if you don't love me anymore, but I swear I'm almost happy with it and you will have it oh so soon.)

Happy, fun, or sexy pictures would not be unappreciated.

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1a. [ profile] rispacooper wrote more Wendell/Hotch! Stuff like this is why I love her more than the rest of you. Same rules as before apply. Go and read it unless you want adorable animals to die.

Don't make this guy drop the puppy. Seriously. Go read Wendell/Hotch.
1b. I finally got my hands on the fourth season of Bones, which means I'll finally get to see Wendell in a context that isn't the inside of rispa's head. Fic is pretty much guaranteed. :D Yay new favorite crack pairing!

2. Started my day by cutting a horse out of a fence. It's less dramatic than it sounds, but I had to use the huge bolt cutters, which always make me feel like a badass.

3. Damn you, chocolate, why do you always have to taste so delicious?

4. I think I might bite the bullet and pay for a paid account again. *sigh*

5. Does anyone on my flist have any recs for Friends fanfic? I've started watching it again recently and am curious to see whether or not I could get into fic for them. Any pairings that aren't Ross/Monica would be good.

6. Only ran 4.3 miles today. Feel so lazy.
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I was going to finish writing things and post them, but then I got distracted by Jim and Spock's epic love affair (I have shipped them since before I even knew what slash/fanfiction/shipping was and have not regretted a second of it) and Steve McGarrett knocking up Danny Williams.

But that's not my biggest concern. My biggest concern is that right at this very moment I am not wearing a tiara. I'm 20+ years old, have always wanted a tiara, and never owned one that wasn't a crappy plastic thing from the Dollar Store.

And that?

That is a goddamn travesty.

Why aren't you on mah head?
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So very, very tired and sore. Anybody feel like throwing some pretty at me while I'm trying to stay awake long enough that I won't wake up before at least 7am?

I'll even get us started.

Doesn't THardy look like he gives the most snuggly hugs ever? I could use a THardy hug something fierce. ♥


Feb. 16th, 2012 10:19 am
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1. Thank you to [ profile] rispacooper, [ profile] edom56, [ profile] grumpybiscuit, [ profile] kaitlia777, [ profile] wingstarvegeta, [ profile] lizibabes, [ profile] black_sluggard, and an anon for the very sparkly hearts blinging up my profile! And thank you to [ profile] zilentdreamer for my puppy, which is beyond adorable. :D You guys are all totally Beaches.

2. I'm trying to decide if it's worth it to reupgrade my account to a paid account now that my year's expired. The two things I liked about it the most were the ability to edit comments and being able to track individual threads on posts, and one of those things is now available for free. I guess I have time to decide that LJ claims it'll keep my paid account settings saved for over 300 days.

3. So, last night, despite my never watching Bones, [ profile] rispacooper and I decided the best crossover pairing in the world would be Wendell/Hotch. And then rispa wrote it! Everyone should go read it! I mean, unless you don't like being happy. I'm not saying that a kitten will die every time someone passes over this fic, but you have no way of proving that doesn't happen.

And now I owe her a Wendell/Hotch manny!AU. No regrets. :D

4. The Castle always-a-girl!Ryan/Esposito noir AU I'm working on for the latest Daily Drabble is taking way longer than it should, but is also kind of trying to eat my brain. I kind of want to write ALL THE WORDS for it, which is a problem since I have no actual idea where it's going. Oops?

5. How about some pretty for our mornings?

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1. Still not a fan of Michael Jackson. Still very much a fan of cellos.

2. I want to do dirtybadwrong things to Tom Hardy that haven't even been invented yet.


3. I know it's almost a cliche at this point, but girls in fedoras are freaking hot.

4. This is the most adorable, sweetest behind the scenes gay porn video I've ever seen. (I'll take 'Sentences I never thought I'd say' for $500, Alex.) It makes my heart all melty and everyone needs to watch it.


5. I had a dream last night that Rodney was the rough and gruff military commander of the Atlantis expedition and John was the military chaplain who was quietly and hopelessly in love with him, despite regulations and religious constraints. There were so many feelings.
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I'm watching a Matthew McConaughey movie and seriously considering just how much self respect it would cost me if I called up my ex--who I may or may not have been facebook flirting with lately and YOU CAN'T PROVE I HAVE--and told him that I really need someone to just kiss me senseless and he's on the short list.

Needless to say, I'm kind of drunk and this is not my finest moment.
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Megaupload's been shut down by the FBI and at least one person has already been arrested with others 'at large'. Are you fucking kidding me? I haven't even gotten my hands on Sherlock yet. :(
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Ever have one of those days when you fill your kitchen with smoke by accidentally burning a couple strips of bacon while baking a batch of bacon chocolate chip cookies and then hack your bangs off in a fit of frustration because you spent just a little too long looking at them in the mirror on a bad hair day?


At least the cookies are tasty.

Comment fic post is still open for prompts until...hmm, let's say tomorrow at 2:30pm central time.

Let's all admire some pretty for a few moments while I remember how to breathe.

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1. I want to make chocolate bacon truffles and/or bacon chocolate chip cookies.

2. Watched Green Lantern and Water for Elephants last night. Ryan Reynalds is lucky he's so pretty, because the only redeeming thing about that movie was his abs. Water for Elephants, otoh, was kind of AMAZING, even though I spent more time than I should have waiting for Robert Pattinson to start sparkling or brooding. He really is a rather talented actor when he's not cast in crap.

3. Clueless is on! Strike a pose and be fabulous, ladies!

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1. We found a boxer/mastiff puppy (probably 6-8 months old) wandering in the middle of the street with absolutely no idea that he should even be avoiding cars on Wednesday night. His owners never turned up, so we're assuming he was a drop off. Just for the record? Dropping animals off in the country isn't compassionate. It's stupid and horrible and 95% of the time means they're going to wind up dead on the side of the road.

Anyway, he's a total cutie, but as much as I love him, we just couldn't keep him. We found a nice family--three kids, fenced in yard, and another dog--to take him in. I fell for that puppy fast and hard guys. My heart is all kinds of broken right now.

Read more... )

2. I've been having recurring dreams that Jenny from the Doctor Who episode The Doctor's Daughter is Rodney Mckay and John Sheppard's accidental Ancient tech baby. It kind of really works, guys. She even has a slight Rodney slanty mouth and the John Sheppard pout.

I had a dream the other night that she grew up in Atlantis and then went to earth to get her PhD, and when she came back Ronon was all '...ngh' and Rodney was HORRIFIED, because she's his little genius girl, gdi! In my dream, Satedan was super down with younger women and older men, so it was all kosher for him. John thought it was funny, but secretly had Lorne and Teyla step up not!Jenny's combat training, because no man is going to take advantage of his daughter. [ profile] topetine agrees that Rodney would totally super crazy murder Ronon if he ever broke not!Jenny's heart. Like, John wouldn't even have a chance. Rodney would just come down on him like the angry hand of GOD.

3. After 10+ years of not being able to wear any kind of metal for longer than thirty seconds without breaking out in hives, my acidity levels have apparently leveled out enough that I can wear jewelry again for the first time since I hit puberty. Yay!

4. One of my New Year's Resolutions was to start writing again every day, so Daily Drabbles are back, y'all. Check out my list of fandoms and whatnot if you're planning on participating, because several things have been added to it.
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So, apparently it's illegal to sell sex toys in Alabama unless it's for a medical reason. It's definitely one of those laws everyone pretty much ignores--as evidenced by the two different sex stores my friends and I went to last night--but still. Really?

Next thing you know someone's going to try to reintroduce the idea of female hysteria.

Fuck that noise. There's absolutely no real reason to restrict the sale of something like a dildo. Come on already.

Less legal than marrying your cousin in the state of Alabama.
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You know what really bothers me? I really don't like it when people describe a handjob as 'stripping' someone's cock in a fic. That just sounds painful.

And bloody.

And gross.

Also, the word cum? I can bite my tongue and almost peacefully deal with it as a noun since it's defined as a slang term for semen. However, it is impossible to cum, because nouns don't work that way. Don't verb nouns, guys. Just...don't. So if you absolutely must, then cover a character with cum, but make certain it's there because of someone coming.
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I feel like I've been saying this every time I make a post lately, but sorry for the radio silence. I've been a lovely combination of sick, depressed, and drunk the past few days, which means I went into full on hermit mode and have quite a bit of catching up as far as LJ goes.

1. My new glasses came in the mail yesterday. I still haven't decided if I love them or hate them yet, but [ profile] topetine thinks there should be pics, so I camwhored for a little bit and this is probably the least shitty of the pics. (Can you tell how much I just love having my picture taken? =/ )

It's a me! )

2. I am so fucking addicted to Chopped. It is so many things that I love. I'm not nearly so in love with Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. It's not even that I don't like the show. It's that I don't like that it's on for literally hours every day to the point where it's easy to catch the same episode multiple times within the same week or two. That shouldn't be possible, Food Network. Who the fuck is Guy blowing to get that kind of air time? Seriously? I'm genuinely curious.

3. I feel like I can't write lately. Not in a 'oh, I suck' kind of way, but in that it's physically, mentally difficult to do it. I have ideas, I just can't get them down. It's driving me completely batty. I've spent the last couple of days ripping apart this thing I was planning to post last night and now I just hate it and want to rewrite it, but that's a problem since I can't write. *headdesks* Somebody just remind me that this isn't permanent? And if it is, lie to me. :(

4. I'm a serious downer in this post. Actually, that's been happening a lot lately. Sorry, guys. I'll try to be more chipper. 
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1. I feel fat, unattractive, and irrevocably single right now, which sucks because I actually felt halfway good about myself earlier today.

2. I have two new pairs of shoes that are finger snappingly amazing and cost a total of $5.

3. I'm going to make a cake tomorrow and try to decorate it to look like a pumpkin.

So, you know, I guess things could be worse. And by this time tomorrow I'll at least have delicious cake to take my mind off the things about myself that are making me sadface. Because it's always healthy to bury your feelings in food.
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1. So, apparently it's National Coming Out Day. A couple people on my flist know I've been having a bit of a sexuality crisis for the last few months, but for the most part it's been such a low key thing that I hesitate to even mention it. I've always been of the opinion that personality is the most important thing when it comes to choosing a partner, but since I've pretty much always been attracted to men, it's a principle I've applied more to other people than myself. I've come to the conclusion that I still tend to be more attracted to men than women in general, but there are too many women that I'm equally attracted to to keep calling myself really straight. So I'm...flexible? Open minded? Opportunistic? I'm still figuring that part out.

2. I have such a crush on Chef Andy Bates. He has gorgeous eyes and his pie recipes are delicious.

3. Yesterday was National Cake Decorating Day and the day I finished my certification class for cake decorating. Awesome unintentional timing is awesome. :)

4. I accidentally wrote a tiny piece of gen RPF for Seamus Dever and Jon Huertas that is 110% Jen's fault. Because these things are always Jen's fault. (It's why we love her. ♥)

Boys being boys. )

5. Speaking of Jen, Jon, and Seamus, she pointed me toward some pics I have to share.

Oh, boys, who puts together your outfits? )

I choose to believe that these are set in my French Girls verse. They're obviously from a day when Javier woke up, rolled out of Kevin's bed, and got dressed in the dark so as not to disturb Kevin. They are boys in love. Sometimes wearing your boyfriend's clothes just happens and it's just Javier's bad luck that his boyfriend has horrible fashion sense. *chinhands*

6. I'm not getting all my notifications from LJ about various things in addition to being laid up for most of the day with a heinous migraine, so I'm slower than usual about answering comments. Sorry! I'll try to get everything answered before I turn in for the night.

7. I'm certain I had another thing to talk about, but now I've forgotten it. :(  


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