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My original Master Fic list got to the point where it was too big for LJ standards, so Criminal Minds gets its own post now.

Last updated 5/10/11.

Standard disclaimers apply.

A Moment | FRT | Derek Morgan/Spencer Reid
Summary: A sweet moment between Spencer and Derek the morning after a physically strenuous case.

A Sticky Situation | G/FRE | Derek Morgan/Spencer Reid | 231
Prompt: "Derek misses Spencer's long hair." requested by [ profile] berryblue_girl.

Afternoon Delight | PG-13/FRT | Spencer Reid/Derek Morgan | 558
Summary: Spencer decides to surprise Derek in his office, but things don't go exactly as planned.
Note: Written for [ profile] lazaria91 who requested "any Reid pairing that involves him climbing over a desk into someone's lap" over at the [ profile] criminalxminds comment-a-thon.

Alien!Reid Universe:
Summary of Universe: Join Spencer as he attempts to understand emotions, decipher confusing cultural idiosyncrasies, and learn what it means to be human. Or, you know, an alien pretending to be human.

Out of This World | G/FRC | Spencer Reid/Derek Morgan
Summary: Derek laughed. "I swear, Spencer, sometimes it's like you aren't even human."

Crazy Little Thing Called What? | G/FRC | Spencer Reid
Summary: 'Human emotions are proving to be an almost daunting subject to study. I have been forced to conclude that most humans spend the entirety of their lives teetering on the brink of emotional instability.'

The Innocence of Children | PG/FRT | Spencer Reid
Summary: 'Human adolescents are cruel, unfeeling creatures. The level of their brutality toward each other is only bound by the limitations of their imaginations, which are vast indeed.'

Bacon | Morgan/Reid, Clooney, Fran Morgan |  PG-13/FRT | 3102
Summary/prompt: Reid decides to bring Morgan breakfast in bed. Clooney decides to help.

Bad Idea | G/FRC | Aaron Hotchner/Penelope Garcia
Summary: It's a bad idea. Like, a super, insanely, hugely bad idea. She should have said no when he called her. Should have said anything other than 'I can be there in half an hour'.

Beard | PG/FRE | Spencer/Derek, Penelope Garcia | 823
Summary: Spencer sits on the sidelines and watches Garcia act as Derek's date at a coworker's wedding.

Bigger on the Inside | PG-13/FRT Spencer Reid/Ethan from 2x18, Jones | 496
Prompt: "Ethan/Spencer." Requested by [ profile] luredin.

Blush | G/FRE | Spencer Reid/Derek Morgan | 42
Prompt: "Criminal Minds, Reid/Morgan, blush." Requested by [ profile] scripps over on [ profile] comment_fic.

Bookmarked | PG/FRE | Spencer Reid/Aaron Hotchner, preslash | 514
Prompt: "Someone totally betrays their previously undetected feelings for Reid with their Secret Santa gift. I kind of prefer H/R." Requested by anon.

Cracks | PG-13/FRT | onesided Spencer/Derek | 818
Summary: This is the worst thing that could happen. The absolute worst.

Chocolate | R or NC-17/ FRAO | Spencer Reid/Derek Morgan | 269
Prompt: "Reid/Morgan - heart shaped box." Requested by [ profile] devon99.

Fall Apart | NC-17/FRAO (rated just to be on the safe side) | Spencer Reid/Ethan
Summary: Not every relationship lasts forever. Not every romance ends in happily ever after.

Five Times Spencer Said Good Bye (And One Time He Said Hello) G/FRC | Spencer Reid, Diana Reid, Ethan(from 2x18, Jones), Derek Morgan
Summary: Exactly what the title says.

Hardly Ever | Rish?/FRT | Derek Morgan, Spencer Reid
Summary: Waking up with the prince doesn't guarantee you the fairy tale. It's the morning after and Derek can't find his pants.

Heartache to Heartache | PG/FRE | Derek Morgan/Spencer Reid | 560
Summary: Spencer wakes up with a crick in his back and neck and Derek's fingers tangled in his hair.

Hero Worship | PG/FRE | Derek Morgan, Penelope Garcia, Spencer Reid, implied Spencer/Derek | 442
Prompt: "Reid doesn't like Derek's beard." requested by [ profile] tafidadarling.

Hold Me | FRT | Derek Morgan/Spencer Reid
Contains: Allusions to 5x09 100 and 5x10 The Slave of Duty, but no actual spoilers.
Summary: Spencer's body feels too heavy, like he would sink through the mattress, the floor, and deep into the earth if Derek wasn't there to hold him up.

Chinese Translation by [ profile] cynicalpenpen :

Hot Like Mexico Universe:
Hot Like Mexico | NC-17/FRAO | Derek Morgan, Spencer Reid
Contains: A boy in a skirt.
Summary: Sometimes a person can be in your life for years before you ever realize that you don't really know that much about them.
The Way You Lie (WIP) |
R/FRT (rating is subject to change) | Spencer Reid/Ethan (2X18, Jones), Spencer Reid/Derek Morgan, eventual appearances by entire team
Summary:  Spencer's angry, Ethan's in town, Derek's jealous, and nobody's telling the complete truth about anything.
Note: Sequel to
Hot Like Mexico.

I Am Batman | G/FRE | Aaron Hotchner, Jack Hotchner
Summary: "There is no 'dad' here. I. Am. Batman."

Intoxicated | PG-13/FRT | Spencer Reid/Derek Morgan | 834
Summary: There's no alcohol involved, which is strange. Spencer had always thought, on those occasions when he actually allowed himself to think about this, that there would be alcohol.

It's Cold Outside | Rish/FRT | Derek Morgan, Spencer Reid
Summary: When the kid stumbles forward to put an arm around his shoulders and earnestly tells him that "out of the infinite number of possible universes I could have found myself conscious of rational thought in, I'm glad it's this one, because you're here", Derek knocks back the rest of his drink, because he knows that he hasn't had enough to deal with this yet.

Kink Meme Responses:

Out of the Closet | FRM | Derek Morgan/Spencer Reid
Request: Morgan/Reid. "I am not sleeping with Reid" Back at BAU headquaters, Reid prompts sex in a closet (or somewhere else small) and shows the team just how much Morgan IS sleeping with Reid

Own Me | FRAO | Derek Morgan/Spencer Reid
Request: Reid is Morgan's prison bitch.

Buy the Hour | FRAO | Derek Morgan/Spencer Reid
Request: Hooker!Reid. Because it's canon that prostitutes like Reid. There's some Hooker!Reid fic out there, but he's always pretty low-rent and he'd totally be high end, working through an escort service. Author's choice to do Reid with random non-canonical client or clients, first-time with someone canonical, Reid with someone canonical who's been using his services for some time and developed feelings they don't know what to do with. You could also work it so Reid only picks up work out of town (say, on trips home to Vegas) and that's enough to supplement his income without (he thinks) running the risk of getting caught.

Strut Your Stuff | FRAO | Derek Morgan/Spencer Reid
Request: There's a severe shortage of Model!Reid in this fandom. Either old photos turn up (how else did he support himself and his crazy mother?) or Undercover!Reid now make someone feel all tingly in a new and unexpected way. I pretty much always prefer Hotch/Reid or Morgan/Reid.

When You've Got It | FRT | Aaron Hotchner, Spencer Reid
Request: There's a severe shortage of Model!Reid in this fandom. Either old photos turn up (how else did he support himself and his crazy mother?) or Undercover!Reid now make someone feel all tingly in a new and unexpected way. I pretty much always prefer Hotch/Reid or Morgan/Reid. (Yes, I wrote two for this one...)

In Sickness, In Health | PG/FRT | Derek Morgan, Spencer Reid
Request: Morgan vomiting. Yes, that's a kink. :p

Ink | PG/FRT | Derek Morgan, Spencer Reid
Request: Morgan/Reid -- Tattoo ... on Reid ;)

Mine | FRAO | Derek Morgan/Spencer Reid, Ethan (Jones, 2x18)
Request: Jealous!Morgan is one of my favourites. Especially if he's jealous of Ethan...

Look, Don't Touch | FRM | Derek Morgan/Spencer Reid
Request: Reid/Morgan. Jealous!Reid - since Jealous!Morgan has been done already. We all know (don't lie to yourselves xD) that Morgan gets hit on more, so Reid's reaction.

An Error in Judgment | PG-13/FRT | Derek Morgan/Spencer Reid
Request: "I love you." "Go fuck yourself."

The Thing Is | FRAO | Aaron Hotchner/David Rossi
Request: Hotch/Rossi, angry one-nighter after Rossi leaves the BAU

Let's All Go To The Movies | PG/FRE | Spencer Reid/Derek Morgan | 237
Prompt: "Morgan and Reid go the movies." Requested by [ profile] tafidadarling.

Love is Spelled L-O-L | PG/FRE | Hotch/Garcia | 767
Summary: Garcia and Hotch communicate in lolcats.

Making Love Out Of Nothing At All | PG-13/FRT | Derek Morgan/Spencer Reid | 564
Summary: "Worst. Vacation. Ever," Spencer grumbles, though there's no real heat behind his slightly sleep slurred words. He watches the wavering flames of the fire and hopes he drools on Derek's leg when he inevitably falls asleep.

Midnight Meetings | PG-13/FRT | Fran Morgan, Derek/Spencer | 1530
Summary: Fran's first meeting with her son's lover doesn't go exactly as planned. For starters, she didn't even know he had one.

Nine o'clock on a Saturday | PG-13/FRT | Derek Morgan/Spencer Reid preslash | 802
Summary: Derek recognizes the kid turning tricks in the bar from one of the recruiting lectures he went to with Gideon three, maybe four months ago.

Odd Fish (WIP) | PG-13 right now | eventual Morgan/Reid, Hotch/Garcia, minor Rossi/Prentiss, mentions of JJ/Will, large supporting cast made up of unsubs, victims, and recurring characters
Summary: Spencer Reid moved to the small cow town of Beayue, Texas a few months ago in an attempt to run from his problems, but things take a sour turn when he ends up being accused of murder. AU set in the old west.

Chapter One / Chapter Two / Chapter Three / Chapter Four

Prompt Me-An ongoing collection based on prompts from [ profile] staringout .
Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Part Five
Part Six
Part Seven
Part Eight
Part Nine
Part Ten
Part Eleven

Part Twelve
Part Thirteen

Random Shuffle
Rating: FRT
Characters/Pairings: lots
1. Pick a character, fandom, pairing, friendship, whatever.
2. Put on your music program on shuffle/random and start playing songs.
3. For each song, write something inspired by the song related to the theme you chose earlier. You only have the song length. No pre-planning and no writing after the song is over. No skipping songs either.
4. Do 10 songs and post. Make sure to include the song name/artist.
One / Two / Three

Restraint | R/FRM | Derek/Spencer | 273
Summary: Spencer's frustrated and Derek likes it.

Rumors | PG/FRC | Second Person OC, Aaron Hotchner, Derek Morgan/Spencer Reid
Summary: It's your first day at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia and already you've started to hear the rumors about the BAU.
French Translation: Here by writer-princess.

Serious and Inconsequential | PG-13/FRT | Spencer Reid, Sarah Danlin (unsub from 2x18, Jones)
Contains: drug usage
Spoilers: through 2x18, Jones

Summary: The look on the man's face when he sees the cell's display screen confirms every unkind thought Spencer's been thinking, so when he smiles at the woman and scurries away to answer it, he doesn't feel the slightest remorse about taking his drink and moving to sit on the bar stool next to her to whisper confidentially in her ear, "You do know he's married, right?"

Tech Support | PG-13/FRT | Hotch/Garcia | 330
Summary: Hotch helps Garcia build him a new computer.

Tethered | PG/FRE | Spencer Reid/Ethan from 2x18, Jones | 342
Prompt: "Reid/Ethan, the worst fight that didn't break them up." Requested by [ profile] x_forgetromeo.

The End | PG/FRC | Spencer Reid/Derek Morgan
Summary: "How do other people cope? How are we expected to do this job without going insane when all we ever see are the constantly rising levels of depravity that people are capable of?"

The Mouths of Babes Universe:
The Mouths of Babes | PG-13/FRT | Derek Morgan, Spencer Reid
Summary: Derek's a little in love with Reid's mouth. Okay, he's completely in love with it. He wants to marry it and whisper sweet not
hings to it and hold it's hand. That is, if it had a hand. Which it doesn't. Because, you know, it's a mouth.
Spanish Translation by
Touched | PG-13/FRT | Derek Morgan, Spencer Reid
Summary: Derek is totally, completely straight. And even if he wasn't straight-just the thought is hilarious!-surely he'd have better taste than to be attracted to awkward, lanky, know-it-all Dr. Reid.
Note: This was written as a prequel to
The Mouths of Babes, but it can be read as a stand alone piece.
Pantsed | PG-13/FRT | Derek Morgan/Spencer Reid
Summary: It's the morning after and Derek can't find his pants.
Note: This was written as part of the
The Mouths of Babes universe, but it can be read as a stand alone piece. Chronologically, this takes place the morning after the events at the end of The Mouths of Babes.
Secrets | G/FRC | Derek Morgan/Spencer Reid, Aaron Hotchner, Penelope Garcia
Summary: Spencer fidgeted with his bag strap and nervously watched the elevator numbers slowly climbing higher. "They're going to know. I can feel it."
Note: This was written as part of my
The Mouths of Babes universe, but it can be read as a stand alone piece, although a couple lines make a little more sense when taken in context with the main story. Chronologically, this takes place the morning after the events at the end of The Mouths of Babes.

The Way You Look Tonight | G/FRC |  Aaron Hotchner/Penelope Garcia
Summary: Penelope tries to be the woman she thinks Aaron wants her to be.

Wash the Echoes Out | R/FRM | Derek Morgan/Spencer Reid, Diana Reid, Aaron Hotchner, Penelope Garcia, Ashley Seaver, Fran Morgan, Clooney | 6620
Contains: Mental illness, implied character death, AUishness, mentions of drug use.
Summary: Spencer's life is about as perfect as anything he could have asked for, so why does he feel like it's about to crack apart around the edges?

Winging It | PG/FRE | Hotch/Garcia | 432
Summary: Hotch shows Garcia a whole new world.

When All Else Fails | R/FRM | Derek Morgan/Spencer Reid | 661
Summary: Derek's never had trouble with his standard moves before, but Spencer seems to be completely oblivious to the fact that he wants in his pants.

Who Am I? | PG-13/FRT | The Team
Summary: "But I'm not evil!" Reid exclaimed, his hands lifted in the air as if they could ward off the accusation.
Notes: Inspired by my
Criminal Minds Superheroes post from yesterday and something [ profile] luredin  said in the comments. Seriously, people, don't leave me alone with your plot bunnies.


And The Beat Goes On | PG-13/FRT | Criminal Minds, Doctor Who | Spencer Reid | 602
Summary: Spencer can't shake the feeling that he's forgotten something.

Custody | PG-13/FRT | Criminal Minds, Torchwood | Ianto Jones, Jack Harkness, Aaron Hotchner, Emily Prentiss | 510
Summary: Ianto can't take Jack anywhere.

Listen | PG/FRE | Criminal Minds, Psych | Shawn Spencer, Spencer Reid/Derek Morgan | 181
Prompt: "The BAU goes to Santa Barbara and meets Lassie and Shawn." Requested by [ profile] edom56.

Shoes and Ships and Sealing Wax | PG/FRE | Sherlock(BBC), Criminal Minds | Sherlock Holmes, Spencer Reid | 1082
Prompt: "BBCSherlock/Spencer Reid - too tired to think." Requested by [ profile] devon99.




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