Jul. 10th, 2012 09:13 am
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Well, I officially no longer have a job, because the owner decided to close the bakery.


Nice, cheery-upy things would be very much appreciated right about now.
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That moment where your female boss, who you've grown to admire, respect, and consider a friend, tells you that she doesn't hate gay people, but hates when they 'act too gay', and that she doesn't believe a woman should ever hold a political office because she'll either be 'too emotional/irrational' or 'become so hardened that she won't even be a woman anymore.'

How gay is 'too gay'? Would I be considered okay since people never guess I'm bisexual unless I tell them? Do I cross that line if I wear a rainbow shirt or cut my hair down to a buzz or hold another girl's hand? And the 'too emotional/irrational' argument aside--because there have been countless studies and real life examples proving that isn't true--how does someone who identifies as female ever become 'not a woman'? Is there some formula I missed out on? Is there a list of 'womanly' traits and if you don't tick off so many boxes, then you don't count? When I drive my truck or enjoy 'guy' movies, does my score go down?

I'm not angry. I'm just incredibly saddened.
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I have officially made and served my first ever wedding cake. \o/ It wasn't tiered, because my friend (the bride) wanted three separate cakes, but it was still super pretty and was AMAZINGLY delicious. Pics to come probably tomorrow. Right now I need to go pass out for a while.
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1. I'm so tired. I love my job, but nearly nine hours where I only sit down once is kind of exhausting. On the plus side, bosslady said that once they've trained me more on baking, she might start having me come in on Mondays--we're closed Sunday and Monday--to do some of the baking stuff for the next day. Rachel--who does 95% of the baking--and I are both super okay with this plan.

2. I made gluten free banana muffins from scratch. They are delicious, but a good example of why you shouldn't let your bananas get too ripe when you're baking with them, because there's the slightest bitter aftertaste to them. Sadness.

3. I got my hair cut. Walked in and told my hair person I didn't care what she did, I just wanted it different. That was apparently a good decision. I'm probably going to go in and splurge to get my hair professionally colored (which I've never done before) now that I have my first paycheck and I'm probably going to give Meredith free range on that too.

4. I'm never going to stop thinking that there needs to be a mandatory size for cupcakes on Cupcake Wars, because it always feels like cheating when they have people on there who make the mini cupcakes. How is that fair? They don't have to make as much batter or frosting, so they automatically have an advantage. Boo on that.

5. [ profile] rispacooper, [ profile] dlasta, and I need someone to write us a Cougar/Jensen/Garcia Criminal Minds/Losers fic. I'm tempted to try to write it myself, but I can barely work up any energy to work on the fics I'm already committed to writing. Who wants to be my hero?
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My first task when I went into work this afternoon was to wash, rinse, and sanitize Maurice the Meat Slicer. I was about halfway through when the boss called me into her office to talk for a couple minutes, and when I went back to start cleaning again I just about jumped out of my skin and screamed. There was a spider about the size of my freaking palm in the sanitizer bucket.

Aaaaaand that's when I noticed that Rachel, the manager/owner's niece, was laughing her head off. I looked again and realized it was rubber.

What does it say about me that that's the moment when I really thought, Yeah, I definitely belong here?
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I am full of grumbles tonight for various reasons. I needs me some happy. Working simultaneously on my CM big bang fic (YAY for Derek Morgan with a baby!) and the French Girls fic I still owe [ profile] roachstar. (I'm sorry, Jen! I understand if you don't love me anymore, but I swear I'm almost happy with it and you will have it oh so soon.)

Happy, fun, or sexy pictures would not be unappreciated.

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I got home from Nashville about midday on Saturday, ended up getting a call from a woman I know through church about a locally owned bakery/deli that was looking for help, spoke with the owner and put in an application that afternoon, got a call back earlier today, and I start at 9am tomorrow! :D

I've spent the last couple days catching up on sleep from my trip to Nashville--LOVED it, especially when we stumbled into the east side, found a great little pub that gave us tips on where to go, and got to take a tour of a local artisan chocolateer place that said they'd sell me cocoa beans and cocoa butter at cost if I ever decide to try making my own chocolate so that I wouldn't have to spend the money to buy in bulk--and falling in love with the show Teen Wolf, but regular LJing, including answering all those comments I'm backlogged on and Daily Drabbles, will resume tomorrow afternoon after I get home from my first day of training at MY NEW JOB!

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I know I STILL haven't been responding to people--I'm horrible, I know, I'm working on it--but just as a heads up, I'm going to be out of town for the next few days, so there's going to be yet more quiet from my corner.

Please know that I love you all very, very, very, very much. I just need some time to go get drunk in Nashville to step away from the internet until the voices in my head stop second guessing every little thing I try to write, whether it be a story or a response to a comment.

Ugh, okay, that's enough whining. Here, have some pretty to remind you all that I love you.

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1. The last few days' radio silence has been brought to you by a sudden, violent flare up of my social anxiety. That bitch hits like Chuck Norris with none of the beardy charm. I've managed to get to the point where I'm not having a panic attack at the thought of answering emails or posting an entry, but don't be surprised if I'm still not answering comments for another day or two. ([ profile] black_sluggard, you have the Daily Drabble prompts, so let me know what you want. I do still plan on filling the last few comment fic requests from a week ago, so keep that in mind when you make your request.)

2. Have I mentioned lately that you guys rock my socks off? Seriously, words cannot express how touched and honored I feel to be around the awesomeness of you. I don't know who the guilty parties are, but at least two of you--I assume, since there are two fandoms involved--nominated Lay You Down Like A Throw Rug for best Ryan/Esposito fic over at Castle Fan Fic Awards and something that hasn't been disclosed yet for the Criminal Minds Favorite Fanfics, which is taking the place of [ profile] cmfanficawards this year. Voting closes for the Castle Fan Fic Awards on March 23rd and opens for the Criminal Minds Favorite Fanfics sometime after the 20th. I'm not going to lie and say I wouldn't be thrilled if you guys voted for me, but I already have a wonderful 'What did I do to deserve you guys?' feeling just from being nominated. ♥

3. I'm almost through my first week of doing Power 90 and I am sore in the best possible way. Woo, I can totally do this! (That power yoga is a bitch, though. I'm getting it, but it's not pretty by any means...)

4. I'm getting so excited about how soon Avengers is coming out. I'm totally planning on going to the midnight premiere; I've already arranged for at least a couple people to go with me to scrape me off the floor when I inevitably succumb to All The Feelings.

ALSDFJSLDFALSDFJLASKFJ As I was writing this, a preview for the movie came on! SO. MANY. FEELINGS! :D
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I've been contemplating trying P90X the past few weeks. After doing some more research, I went from thinking '...I could do that' to '...yeah, probably not'. Instead, I decided to try Power 90, which is the precursor to P90X and should get me in shape to do P90X if I still want to do it in three months.

I started the program today. I'm not usually a fan of workout videos, but I really like the pacing and tone--ha, pun--in the first video, so I have high hopes for this one. The only problem is that I haven't done anything but run for years now, so I'm already kind of sore and pathetic. Experience says it'll get better, but right now I just want to curl up and make friends with some IcyHot.

Tomorrow's videos are 'Sweat' and 'Ab Rippers'. Gonna die. (I should probably not be looking forward to it as much as I am. Dear lord, when did I become That Guy?)
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Guess who has a sinus infection and drove through a tornado/severe thunder storm warning for a job interview today? Yep, this girl. I'll find out about the job sometime next week. Right now all I want to do is curl up with some meds and hope my house doesn't blow away.

And I'm still behind on answering comments. Bah. I'll get on that.
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So, as a couple of you already know, tomorrow I get to perform in the US premiere of one of Tarik O'Regan's choral works, which is made doubly awesome by the fact that O'Regan flew in to work with us and is going to be here for the concert. This is a really big deal, y'all. This guy is like a rising rock star in the choral world right now.

Also, he's totally my future husband. Or, well, he will be just as soon as he clues into that fact. Several of us had dinner with him on Friday night and I got to sit right across from him. He's charming, sweet, surprisingly down to earth for a composer, and absolutely hilarious. The parts of me that weren't already head over heels for him because of his music instantly fell. I was literally chinhanding at him in rehearsal today. I would be embarrassed if I had any shame left. As it is, I'm considering downing some alcohol at the reception we're having after the concert and asking him if he'd like to help me test my hypothesis that I don't have a gag reflex.

I wonder how badly my director would kill me if I did...

ANYWAY, this is all to say that I've been bogged down as hell the last couple of days with rehearsals and pining, and it's not going to get any better until probably Monday. I could probably respond to comments, but I'd kind of rather sleep. I still love you all so very much! But don't expect to hear from me at all again until Sunday night or Monday. :D
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Drinking wine, watching the eps of Bones with Wendell Bray in them, and giving myself my first mani/pedi in, oh, it's gotta have been at least three years. I'm debating whether to use a color or just go with a clear coat. Thoughts?

Also, OMG, WENDELL IS ADORABLE and less than two episodes in and I already kind of want to slap Angela.
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1a. [ profile] rispacooper wrote more Wendell/Hotch! Stuff like this is why I love her more than the rest of you. Same rules as before apply. Go and read it unless you want adorable animals to die.

Don't make this guy drop the puppy. Seriously. Go read Wendell/Hotch.
1b. I finally got my hands on the fourth season of Bones, which means I'll finally get to see Wendell in a context that isn't the inside of rispa's head. Fic is pretty much guaranteed. :D Yay new favorite crack pairing!

2. Started my day by cutting a horse out of a fence. It's less dramatic than it sounds, but I had to use the huge bolt cutters, which always make me feel like a badass.

3. Damn you, chocolate, why do you always have to taste so delicious?

4. I think I might bite the bullet and pay for a paid account again. *sigh*

5. Does anyone on my flist have any recs for Friends fanfic? I've started watching it again recently and am curious to see whether or not I could get into fic for them. Any pairings that aren't Ross/Monica would be good.

6. Only ran 4.3 miles today. Feel so lazy.
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My laptop stopped actually charging my battery about six months ago (it's the laptop's fault, not the battery's). I replaced my original battery with a new one in December after my laptop stopped even recognizing the original one. That one completely discharged last night after one of the animals disconnected the cord while I was out of the room.

And now I've apparently lost administrative rights to the damn thing.

Guess who's going to be using her old, slow, constantly clicking desktop for a while? Hopefully the shop where I bought the piece of shit less than a year ago will be able to fix this all quickly.

Update: Computer's still fucked up. I'm baking a cake. Because that's how I roll.

Update the second: DAMN IT TO HELL, I BURNT MY CAKE. :( Can this whole crappy week just be over now please?  
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1. Mom fell off a horse on Sunday and while we thought she was okay, after a second trip to the doctor's it turns out she has four broken ribs and fluids pooling where they're not supposed to be. She's on meds now and we've finally managed to convince her to stay off the elliptical--she walked for about an hour yesterday and I wanted to shake her, except that probably would have hurt her more--so as long she stops doing stupid things and lets herself rest, she should be fine. Dad's been out of town, so I've been doing pretty much everything around the house while simultaneously trying to force her to relax.

2. I was commissioned to make a couple cakes. One was a cheesecake, which I was paid for, and the other was a chocolate cake with maple frosting, which I was mostly not. (They didn't technically pay for the cake itself, but the people I made it for were choir kids and I have a donation jar that I put out when I feed them--which is 2-3 times a week--and they pretty much pay for most of my baking experiments at this point.)

First time doing a basketweave. Weeeeeeeee! )

3. I was distracted by Michael Fassbender's thighs and Tom Hardy's...well, pretty much his everything.

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1. Still not a fan of Michael Jackson. Still very much a fan of cellos.

2. I want to do dirtybadwrong things to Tom Hardy that haven't even been invented yet.


3. I know it's almost a cliche at this point, but girls in fedoras are freaking hot.

4. This is the most adorable, sweetest behind the scenes gay porn video I've ever seen. (I'll take 'Sentences I never thought I'd say' for $500, Alex.) It makes my heart all melty and everyone needs to watch it.


5. I had a dream last night that Rodney was the rough and gruff military commander of the Atlantis expedition and John was the military chaplain who was quietly and hopelessly in love with him, despite regulations and religious constraints. There were so many feelings.
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I'm watching a Matthew McConaughey movie and seriously considering just how much self respect it would cost me if I called up my ex--who I may or may not have been facebook flirting with lately and YOU CAN'T PROVE I HAVE--and told him that I really need someone to just kiss me senseless and he's on the short list.

Needless to say, I'm kind of drunk and this is not my finest moment.


Jan. 20th, 2012 09:56 pm
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Feeling all groggy and not good today, so no Daily Drabble until tomorrow. I was going to post some pics of Michael Fassbender and THardy instead, because they are such big parts of my happy place, but my computer is suddenly running so slowly that as I type this I'm only just now seeing the word 'tomorrow'. So I'm thinking trying to load pictures wouldn't go over so well.Bah. Humbug.


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