Jul. 10th, 2012 09:13 am
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Well, I officially no longer have a job, because the owner decided to close the bakery.


Nice, cheery-upy things would be very much appreciated right about now.
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Somebody save me from myself! I can't get off the Texts From Last Night site to save my life!

Also, I love my job to pieces, but expect a post from me in the near future detailing why supporting local business is important, but you should probably try not to work in it if you can help it. (Unless it's super established. Newer locally run/owned businesses can be a bitch, though.)
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1. I'm so tired. I love my job, but nearly nine hours where I only sit down once is kind of exhausting. On the plus side, bosslady said that once they've trained me more on baking, she might start having me come in on Mondays--we're closed Sunday and Monday--to do some of the baking stuff for the next day. Rachel--who does 95% of the baking--and I are both super okay with this plan.

2. I made gluten free banana muffins from scratch. They are delicious, but a good example of why you shouldn't let your bananas get too ripe when you're baking with them, because there's the slightest bitter aftertaste to them. Sadness.

3. I got my hair cut. Walked in and told my hair person I didn't care what she did, I just wanted it different. That was apparently a good decision. I'm probably going to go in and splurge to get my hair professionally colored (which I've never done before) now that I have my first paycheck and I'm probably going to give Meredith free range on that too.

4. I'm never going to stop thinking that there needs to be a mandatory size for cupcakes on Cupcake Wars, because it always feels like cheating when they have people on there who make the mini cupcakes. How is that fair? They don't have to make as much batter or frosting, so they automatically have an advantage. Boo on that.

5. [ profile] rispacooper, [ profile] dlasta, and I need someone to write us a Cougar/Jensen/Garcia Criminal Minds/Losers fic. I'm tempted to try to write it myself, but I can barely work up any energy to work on the fics I'm already committed to writing. Who wants to be my hero?
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My first task when I went into work this afternoon was to wash, rinse, and sanitize Maurice the Meat Slicer. I was about halfway through when the boss called me into her office to talk for a couple minutes, and when I went back to start cleaning again I just about jumped out of my skin and screamed. There was a spider about the size of my freaking palm in the sanitizer bucket.

Aaaaaand that's when I noticed that Rachel, the manager/owner's niece, was laughing her head off. I looked again and realized it was rubber.

What does it say about me that that's the moment when I really thought, Yeah, I definitely belong here?


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