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I finally have enough fanfiction on here that I don't feel silly doing a master post so that people can find things. All of my Criminal Minds fanfiction can be found here.

Last updated 5/10/11.

Standard disclaimers apply.


1001 Uses | PG-13/FRT | Kevin Ryan/Javier Esposito | 279
Summary: Kevin's surprisingly handy with a roll of duct tape.

Anansi | PG-13/FRT | Kevin Ryan/Javier Esposito | 282
Summary: Javier brings home a new pet.

Brightly Wrapped Packages | PG-13/FRT | Ryan/Esposito, Castle, Beckett, Montgomery, Lanie | 209
Summary: Ryan and Esposito exchange presents so intimate that everyone in the station can tell they're together.

Bubble | PG/FRE | Kevin Ryan/Javier Esposito | 453
Prompt: "I want bubble blowing. And, NO, that is not a euphemism. I want actual bubble blowing in bed---one person upset/depressed, the other trying to cheer him up." Requested by [ profile] luredin .

Concert | PG/FRE | Javier Esposito/Kevin Ryan | 184
Prompt: "Ryan and Esposito at a concert." Requested by [info]tvlove.

Apron Stings
| G/FRE | Ryan/Esposito (written as slash, but can be read as friendship) | 100
Summary: Esposito cooks dinner.
Chocolate Flavored Memories | G/FRE | Ryan/Esposito | 100
Summary: Ryan tastes sweet, like all of Esposito's favorite memories.
Falling On My Head | G/FRE | Ryan/Esposito | 100
Summary: The snow clings to everything, even eyelashes.
Fly Me To The Moon | PG-13/FRT | Ryan/Esposito | 100
Summary: Esposito's always hated the planetarium.
Recreational Uses | PG/FRE | Esposito/Ryan | 100
Summary: Esposito's misplaced his handcuffs.
The Secrets We Keep | G/FRE | Ryan/Esposito | 100
Summary: There was no way Ryan could have known.
The Street Where You Live | G/FRE | Jenny, Esposito/Ryan | 100
Summary: Jenny goes to speak to Ryan.
Tonight | PG-13/FRT | Ryan/Esposito |100
Summary: Ryan finally has an excuse.
Turn, Turn, Turn | PG/FRE | Ryan/Esposito | 100
Summary: The world starts to spin funny every time Ryan kisses Esposito.
Waffley | G/FRE | Ryan/Jenny, onesided Esposito/Ryan | 100
Summary: Ryan has a new scarf.

El Gato | PG-13/FRT | Kevin Ryan/Javier Esposito | 483
Summary: Kevin loves it when Javier speaks Spanish regardless of what he's actually saying.

FallingPG-13/FRT | Kevin Ryan/Javier Esposito | 787
Summary: Kevin was a model Irish Catholic boy. Then he met Javier.

Freckles | PG-13/FRT | Kevin Ryan/Javier Esposito | 388
Prompt: "There's a prompt on [ profile] castlekink that I've been dying for someone to fill - "So Seamus Dever has awesome, cute little freckles over his back/shoulders. I want Esposito to discover them on Ryan and find them fascinating." here" Requested by [ profile] starscythe .

Getting Lucky | NC-17/FRAO | Kevin Ryan/Javier Esposito | 1761
Summary: Kevin has a four leaf clover and he knows how to use it.

Hello, Nurse | PG-13/FRT | Kevin Ryan/Javier Esposito | 342
Summary: Javier is the worst patient ever and Kevin is a better boyfriend than he deserves.

Move Your Body Like You Mean It | PG-13/FRT | Kevin Ryan/Javier Esposito | 597
Summary: In which there's a murder, bubbles, and the boys taking a tumble. In that order.

Museum of Natural History | PG-13/FRT | Kevin Ryan/Javier Esposito | 241
Prompt: "Ryan's birthday, where Ryan's inner child gets to shine for the day." Requested by [ profile] tvlove.

Not A Word | NC-17/FRAO | Ryan/Esposito/Jenny | 410
Contains: BDSM themes
Summary: Ryan tells Esposito exactly what he wants to do to him in exquisite, minute detail while Jenny watches.

Of Borrowed Shirts and Bad Chinese Food | PG-13/FRT | Beckett, Ryan/Esposito | 2116
Summary: Ryan doesn't know how the witness came to the conclusion that he and Esposito are a couple, but they really aren't. No, really.

Pancakes | PG-13/FRT | Kevin Ryan/Javier Esposito, mentioned Kevin Ryan/Jenny | 179
Warning: Infidelity.
Summary: There's someone making pancakes in Kevin's kitchen and it's not Jenny.

Partnership | G/FRE | Jenny/Ryan, Ryan/Esposito preslash
Sometimes Jenny thinks that Kevin and Esposito have to be the only two people who don't notice the way they act around each other.

Picture | FRT | Javier Esposito/Kevin Ryan preslash | 713
Summary: It's just another night of playing Madden until Javier stumbles across an old photograph tucked in the back of one of Ryan's books.

Poetry in Motion | R/FRM | Ryan/Esposito | 764
Summary: Ryan's on a bit of an adrenalin high and Esposito's there to help him out with it. Tag fic to 3x09, Close Encounters of the Murderous Kind.
Spoilers: Contains very minor spoilers for 3x09, Close Encounters of the Murderous Kind

Raise Your Glass | PG-13/FRT | Ryan/Esposito | 1541
Summary: Kevin's date stands him up on Valentine's Day, so in the time honored tradition of bros, he and Javier get falling down drunk.

Sharing the Blame | PG-13/FRT | Castle/Beckett | 370
Prompt: "Castle and Beckett's first kiss." requested by [ profile] luredin .

Somebody's Eyes | NC-17/FRAO | Jenny/Ryan, Spying!Ryan/Masturbating!Esposito | 682
Summary: After watching Ryan undo the laces on the dominatrix's boots, Esposito needs a little alone time.

Taking Aim | PG-13/FRT | Kevin Ryan/Javier Esposito preslash | 562
Summary: There's room for a lot of things in Javier's boss's city, but an honest cop is not one of them. AU

The Family | PG-13/FRT | mentioned Kevin Ryan/Javier Esposito, Seamus Dever | 510
Summary: Wake up, make breakfast, get a phone call from a mob boss asking for a social visit. Really, it's just a normal day for Kevin.

The Favor | PG-13/FRT | Kevin Ryan/Javier Esposito | 658
Summary: Kevin doesn't tell and Javier never asks.
Notes: Follow up to The Family.

The Half Light Wakes You Up | PG-13/FRT | Kevin Ryan/Javier Esposito | 385
Summary: Javier wakes with a dry mouth that tastes like something died in it at least a month ago and a headache that pounds as steadily and persistent as a bass line.

The Perils of Babysitting | PG-13/FRT | Ryan/Esposito | 553
Summary: In which there is teasing, cuddling, and way too much talking about Twilight. Tag fic to episode 3x07, Almost Famous.
Spoilers: Contains very minor spoilers for 3x07, Almost Famous

The Weather Outside | PG-13/FRT | Ryan/Esposito, Castle, Beckett | 1698
Summary: A surprise snowstorm forces Becket, Ryan, and Esposito to sleep over at Castle's apartment on Christmas Eve.

Trick Or Treat | G/FRE | Ryan/Esposito | 320
Summary: Esposito goes to Ryan's for Halloween to help with trick or treating.

Turkey Days | PG/FRE | Ryan/Esposito | 424
Summary: ‚Äč In retrospect, helping Castle pull a prank on Captain Montgomery may not have been the best thing to do less than a week before Thanksgiving.

Two Bits | PG-13/FRT | Ryan/Esposito (pre-slash) | 2030
Summary: Ryan gives Esposito a shaving demonstration.

Veni, Vidi, Vici | NC-17/FRAO | Ryan/Esposito | 2621
Summary: Ryan lets something slip during Castle's annual Halloween party.


Comfort Zone | PG-13/FRT | Jayne Cobb/Simon Tam | 208
Prompt: "Jayne/Simon" Requested by [ profile] ladykeeran.

Knowing | PG-13/FRT | Jayne Cobb/Simon Tam | 422
Prompt: "Firefly, Simon/Jayne. "River is the one who read minds, but sometimes Jayne has to wonder about the brother..." Requested by [info]black_sluggard.

The Girl | G/FRE | Serenity, Kaylee Frye | 125
Prompt: "Firefly - specifically Serenity's POV or River relating Serenity's opinion." Requested by [ profile] kachera.

Touch | PG-13/FRT | Jayne Cobb/Simon Tam | 185
Prompt: "More Jayne/Simon" Requested by [ profile] ladykeeran.

Hawaii 5-0

10th Avenue Freeze Out | PG-13/FRT | Steve, Danny | 208
Summary: Some things are sacred.

Just For Reference | R/FRM | Steve/Danny | 619
Summary: "Ever think about getting another one," Danny asks, his voice still rough with sleep. Steve blinks, and since his entire world has pretty much narrowed down to 'Danny' and 'cock' it takes him a minute to figure out he's talking about the tattoo.

Passing Chord | PG-13/FRT | Chin Ho Kelly/Max Bergman | 545
Summary: In which Steve is too busy being a Michael Bay movie to call ahead, Max is too busy thinking about music to pay attention to what's happening around him, and no one really knows what Chin's thinking.


A Night at the Opera | PG/FRE | Gus/Juliet | 316
Prompt: "Gus takes Juliet on a proper, fancy date. To the opera." Requested by [ profile] luredin .

All Those Little Moments Are What Make A Life | R/FRT (overall)
Summary: A collection of drabbles and shorts for a
100 Themes Challenge. Contains various genres, characters, and ships-mostly Shassie with some Shules, Gules, and misc. Slowly being transferred onto LJ.

001.Introduction002.Love003.Light004.Dark005.Seeking Solace
006.Break Away007.Heaven008.Innocence009.Drive010.Breathe Again
021.Vacation022.Mother Nature023.Cat024.No Time025.Trouble Lurking
026.Tears027.Foreign028.Sorrow029.Happiness030.Under the Rain
031.Flowers032.Night033.Expectations034.Stars035.Hold My Hand
036.Precious Treasure037.Eyes038.Abandoned039.Dreams040.Rated
041.Teamwork042.Standing Still043.Dying044.Two Roads045.Illusion
046.Family047.Creation048.Childhood049.Stripes050.Breaking the Rules
051.Sport052.Deep in Thought053.Keeping A Secret054.Tower055.Waiting
056.Danger Ahead057.Sacrifice058.Kick in the Head059.No Way Out060.Rejection
061.Fairy Tale062.Magic063.Do Not Disturb064.Multitasking065.Horror
066.Traps067.Playing the Melody068.Hero069.Annoyance070.67%
071.Obsession072.Mischief Managed073.I Can't074.Are You Challenging Me?075.Mirror
076.Broken Pieces077.Test078.Drink079.Starvation080.Words
081.Pen and Paper082.Can You Hear Me?083.Heal084.Out Cold085.Spiral
086.Seeing Red087.Food088.Pain089.Through the Fire090.Triangle
091.Drowning092.All That I Have093.Giving Up094.Last Hope095.Advertisement
096.In the Storm097.Safety First098.Puzzle099.Solitude100.Relaxation

Okay, for some reason LJ won't let me post my table as a table. It shows up fine in the rich text box, but it disappears when I post it. Any help would be appreciated, because I've spent the past half hour trying to get it to work with absolutely no success.
ETA: Disregard that. It's a simple case of LJ sucking. Apparently my theme eats charts.

And Then They Did Sex | PG-13/FRT | Shawn Spencer/Carlton Lassiter | 385 + uncounted comment fic
Summary: The storm has been broadcasting on the news for hours, but Carlton's too busy serving Justice to check the weather and Shawn's been curled up in the Psych office for the past 48 hours engrossed by a Different Strokes marathon.

Being Human | PG-13/FRT | Carlton Lassiter, OFC (friendship fic)
Summary: Carlton Lassiter is a serious man in a serious mood who needs to do some serious drinking. A sequel to this can be found in All Those Little Moments Are What Make A Life-61. Fairy Tales.

Blink And You'll Miss It-A collection of three sentence drabbles covering a variety of genres and characters.

Do or Die | NC-17/FRAO | Carlton Lassiter/Shawn Spencer
Summary: Written in response to a prompt at [ profile] psychkinkmeme that said "I want a smexy Shassie-esque fuck or die scenario. Lassiter has to fuck Shawn while a bad guy watches from an unseen location. Lassie's bugged and not allowed to tell Shawn what's going on."

Dress Up, Dress Down | NC-17 overall | Carlton Lassiter/Shawn Spencer
Summary: Written in response to a prompt at [ profile] psychkinkmeme that said "Shawn dressed as a Responsible Adult (bonus points for suit and tie) and/or Lassie as Casual Slacker. "

Expiration | G/FRE | Carlton Lassiter
Summary: Written for
the first round of [ profile] usanetwork_las answering the prompt "Running Out Of Time".

Falling For You | PG/FRE | Carlton Lassiter/Shawn Spencer | 327
Prompt: "Shassie, Shawn gets Lassie to do/try things he never thought he would." Requested by [ profile] topetine.

Low Risk | PG/FRE | Shawn Spencer/Juliet O'Hara, unrequited Shawn/Lassie | 359
Prompt: "Now that Shawn finally has Juliet, he's starting to think he snagged the wrong partner." Requested by [ profile] topetine.

Mistake | G/FRE | Carlton Lassiter, Victoria
Summary: Several years after their divorce, Victoria sees Carlton from a distance and reflects.

Non-Regulation Use | NC-17/FRAO | Carlton Lassiter/Nick Conforth (5x13, We'd Like to Thank the Academy) | 728
Prompt: "lassiter/conforth kinkysexin (cuffs, ties, the baton...) either past or present." Requested by [ profile] topetine.

Pining | PG/FRE | Carlton Lassiter | 270
Spoilers: Contains spoilers from 5x10 onwards.
Prompt: "Shassie! Sweet lassie pining for shawn angst!" Requested by [ profile] topetine.

Recoil | PG-13/FRT | Carlton Lassiter/Shawn Spencer
Summary: Written for
the second round of [ profile] usanetwork_las answering the prompt "Get mad, then get over it."

Red Bull Gives You Wings | PG/FRE | Shawn Spencer/Carlton Lassiter, Burton Guster | 437
Prompt: "Determined to win a bet with Gus, Shawn drinks seven Red Bulls in a row....with interesting results." Requested by [info]zilentdreamer.

Shawnie Went A-Courtin' | PG-13/FRT | Carlton Lassiter/Shawn Spencer | 602
Prompt: "Carlton doesn't realize it's a date until it's too late." Requested by [ profile] topetine.

Spreading Good Cheer | R/FRM | Carlton Lassiter/Shawn Spencer | 634
Prompt: "Lassiter is determined to find out who his secret santa was." Requested by [info]zilentdreamer.

Touched for the Very First Time | PG/FRE | Shawn Spencer/Carlton Lassiter | 662
Prompt: "Shawn/Lassie. First kiss." Requested by [ profile] edom56.
Note: Set during 1x10, From the Earth to the Starbucks.

Untitled | PG/FRE | Shawn/Lassie | 143

Queer as Folk

Beauty | PG-13/FRT | Justin Taylor/Brian Kinney | 318
Prompt: "QAF Brian/Justin shower naked times." Requested  by [ profile] kachera.

Closet Case | PG-13/FRT | Brian Kinney/Justin Taylor | 226
Summary: Justin never expected to find himself stuck back in the closet again.

Change | PG/FRE | Justin Taylor/Brian Kinney | 262
Prompt: "Brian/Justin post 513, Brian visits Justin in New York." Requested by [ profile] edom56.


Clarke's Law | PG-13/FRT | Nikola Tesla/Henry Foss | 728
Prompt: "Sanctuary, Tesla(/any), Clarke's Law." Requested by [info]clwilson2006 over on [ profile] comment_fic.

Expectations | FRM | Henry Foss/Nikola Tesla | 1032
Summary:"Anticipation," Nikola tells him once, "is a remarkably powerful aphrodisiac that can make even the most stalwart of men weak in the knees."

Sherlock BBC

Doll | PG-13/FRT | Molly Hooper | 598
Prompt: "No sex, just one person cuddling, petting, maybe some kissing on the cheeks, hugging and lots of loving words. All while the other is tied up, drugged or otherwise incapacitated so they can't say no." It kind of got away from me and doesn't quite fit the prompt, but the general idea is there.

Just Another Day | PG-13/FRT | John Watson/Sherlock Holmes | 690
Prompt: "John/Sherlock - First Christmas at 221B." Requested by [ profile] luredin.

Moonlight | PG/FRE | John Watson/Sherlock Holmes | 303
Prompt: "Watson watches Sherlock sleep." Requested by [ profile] kachera.

The Quiet Ones | PG-13/FRT | Molly Hooper | 313
Prompt: "I want to hurt something. I am so close to snapping right now, to lashing out and making the world bleed, and I want it, I want it, it would feel like heaven to have blood running through my fingers and onto the pavement and to ever so gently lick it off and it would taste like pennies, liquid pennies going down my throat...."

Walking Dead | PG/FRE | John Watson, Sherlock Holmes | 787
Prompt: "Sherlock is dead, has always been. Not a vampire, no shiny skin stuff, just a walking corpse. Could be sort of a zombie with a brain I suppose. John notices." Requested by [ profile] midnightliar.


Close To Your Skin | NC-17/FRAO | Dean/Castiel | 2034
Contains: Wings
Summary: Cas has a mouth made for sin and Dean's never exactly been good at that whole 'resisting temptation' thing.

Newsletter | PG-13/FRT | Dean, Sam | 456
Summary: In which Sam is distressed, Dean is oblivious, and somebody needs to learn boundaries.

The Family That Prays Together | PG-13/FRT | Gabriel, Archangels (basically all of them) | 821
Summary: Gabriel's just past his two thousandth birthday the first time he runs away, but Lucifer tells him he's acting more like he's nine hundred.


Artemis Fowl:

Moonlight Reflections-Artemis may have forgotten, but Holly has not. Now, late at night as she watches Artemis, she contemplates her feelings and says good-bye.

Calvin and Hobbes:
Waiting | G/FRE | Hobbes | 254
Prompt: "Calvin & Hobbes, Hobbes, Calvin dies tragically young. What happens to his tiger?" Requested by [ profile] gypsydancergirl over on [ profile] comment_fic.

Danny Phantom:
The Horror-How would you like to find out that the half ghost that you and your friends think is 'totally hawt' is really your dad? This isn't your typical 'Danny has a daughter' fic.

Doctor Who:

Let It Snow | G/FRE | 10th Doctor, companion of your choice | 42
Prompt: "Doctor Who, any, alien snow" Requested by [ profile] sycophantastic over on [ profile] comment_fic.

Look in the Mirror | NC-17/FRAO | Will Schuester/Bryan Ryan
Summary: Soft footsteps reverberated off the walls and sent an anticipatory shiver down Will's spine. His skin prickled, felt too tight for his body. When he looked up, Bryan Ryan was behind him, looking over his shoulder, glaring at him in the mirror.

Star Trek 2009:
Risky Business | PG/FRE | Jim Kirk/Bones McCoy | 191
Summary: Jim's almost completely certain that kissing Bones would be a bad idea.

South Park:
Your Love Will Kill Me-Christophe knew he loved her the first time she punched him.

X-Men Evolution:

The Prince Inside the Toad-Ficlet from the POV of a secret admirer of Todd's on the day that he and the other mutants are allowed to return to school after the world finds out about their powers.

And The Beat Goes On | PG-13/FRT | Spencer Reid | 602
Fandoms: Criminal Minds, Doctor Who
Summary: Spencer can't shake the feeling that he's forgotten something.

Custody | PG-13/FRT | Ianto Jones, Jack Harkness, Aaron Hotchner, Emily Prentiss | 510
Fandoms: Criminal Minds, Torchwood
Summary: Ianto can't take Jack anywhere.

Listen | PG/FRE | Shawn Spencer, Spencer Reid/Derek Morgan | 181
Fandoms: Criminal Minds, Psych
Prompt: "The BAU goes to Santa Barbara and meets Lassie and Shawn." Requested by [ profile] edom56.

Shoes and Ships and Sealing Wax | PG/FRE | Sherlock Holmes, Spencer Reid | 1082
Fandoms: Sherlock(BBC), Criminal Minds
Prompt: "BBCSherlock/Spencer Reid - too tired to think." Requested by [ profile] devon99.




I've also been given a Seal of Approval-although I can't for the life of me remember which fic it was for right now-so I thought I'd put it here for everyone to admire and covet. Isn't he cute? I call him Ianto. Please don't kill Ianto.


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